Thursday, 13 January 2011

Testicle Tilt!

damn in just over 2 hours im off for a vasectomy - happy days....

at only 29 a lot of people feel i'm too young for it but wih 4 kids and my latest Melina being an absolute devil (still not sleeping through at 8 months) i deffo dont want any more kids...

hopefully by the time im 50 all the kids will be out living their lives and me and the wife can enjoy our life and go travelling etc.

as for poker today's poker session have felt like a vasectomy for sure, my balls are sure aching after running down $100 in EV in just 2k hands, most frustrating thing is that it took me 12 days to get into profit for my cash play and now im back $100 down for the month and only up due to bonuses/mtt's - sucks to be me

I feel I really need to work on my 6 max play as im 10 buyins down for the month, does anyone know of some decent vids or reading material?

have self banned tonight already have no idea if ill be in pain but hopefully a KFC will ease the pain

hope everyone else is doing better then me!

HU $146.00
6-Max -$254.00
Full Ring $8.00
Omaha $5.00
Tourneys $94.00
Bonuses $90.00
Total $89.00

Bankroll $895.00

Withdrawn $194.00

Hours 27

$ per Hour $3.30

VPP's 3192
Platinum Pace 3133

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