Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Rocky Start

I’ve started the month with a lot of enthusiasm and determination, first two days were great, +$70 in cash and +$100 from my tourney night, next 3 days including this morning down -$232!

I feel at the moment that I have a lot of adjusting to do, especially now as I am playing a lot of shallow stacked 6 max as opposed to years of playing Full Ring normal tables.

There is a ton of work for me to do, some stuff I can do now, and other stuff I will need to build up a decent sample size first….. one of the main things is definitely checking my hands, what im planning to do is review every hand where I put in over $15 and review whether I played the hand badly, if im unsure ill post in the RTR forum.

Also at the moment I’m struggling with when to call when shortstacked villains just shove there $10 over my $1.35 opening raise, maybe this is something I should read up on, I’ve seen shit ranging from pocket 2’s, ace 7 and even queen 9 but when I seem to call its always AK or JJ+!!!

The one positive to take so far is that I am settled on my “grinder” session so I can farm VPPS and achieve Platinum Star, basically I load up 12 full ring and 12 6 max of the 20-55bb 50c tables and fire away, last night I played 1500 hands in an hour and earnt 200 VPPs….

Anyway so at the moment it isnt looking great, I’ve had to reinvest the withdrawal I made earlier plus a little bit more so my figures at present are

HU $11.00
6-Max -$148.00
Full Ring -$38.00
Omaha $11.00
Tourneys $94.00
Other -$7.00
Bonuses $10.00
Total -$67.00

Bankroll $989.00

Withdrawn -$56.00

Hours 14

$ per Hour -$4.79

I feel confident I can turn this round, its all a bit of a journey this year – one thing I know that there is no hiding, I want my figures out in the open, no more resetting my stats after a losing month!!

Tonights plan is 30 minutes of “Grinder” mode then self ban and get hammered and watch Arsenal Rape Shitty. Or that’s the plan J

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BurnleyMik said...

GLGLGLGL with it mate.

This is why I avoid short stacking ratholers like the plague.

One thing that might be useful is to google "short stacking chart". there are quite a few that show you their shoving ranges and should help you to adjust to them.

Either way it's always going to be high variance.