Monday, 24 January 2011

Not on the Riverbed yet!

At the time I was really thinking to myself “why do you bother” but I got myself some motivation from a mate, I had emailed him my blog post and he replied – “If you read between the lines of your post. You’re an addict going no where but to the bottom of the river!” and “It’s a sad picture mate, read it back….” I think the he was just on a wind up but to be honest it did kind of make me think a bit, I need to sort myself out and come up with a poker plan – looking at my stats what I need to do is obvious, drop 6 man tables and don’t play Omaha! I avoided it for ages last year and need to keep it out of any plans!

So basically the plan was to multi-table the Full Ring tables and have occasional Heads-Up games if I can find suitable opponents, unfortunately life got in the way of poker this weekend so I didn’t get to play much but in the two hours I did manage I absolutely crushed, playing full ring made it all seem a bit slower, I cant remember the last time I 24 tabled and actually had time between hands to think, looking back I can only think of a few hands, one where I had KK and the flop came 107x and I was a little worried of a set when my $10 bet was reraised all in but I was very surprised to see the villain show up with 78. Second one I had A10 of clubs and the flop came with two clubs and a ten for top pair, the villain check raised me and I was half tempted to fold but ended up staying in and hitting the flush to win a stack, I was really expecting AA or KK but the villain had 99…

Anyways graph is here

Im now $180 up for the month, I need to play for another 3 or 4 hours to clear about $100 in bonuses so it looks like I can recover and get my arse back on target!

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