Thursday, 4 June 2009

Honeymoon is Over

damn that went quick.. wedding was a great success had an excellent time and went as smooth as can go... in fact thats a lie as i was actually late for the ceremony as i thought i had to be there at 2:45 but in fact i was meant to be there at 2:15!! my mrs was none to pleased and a bit panicky when she turned up and was told i wasnt there.... im sure although we laugh about this now it will definitely be brought up in future arguments :-(

Honeymoon was in Tunisia and was superb only downside was that the casino was closed as the manager had run away with all the money!! Lol still it was good to get a break just me and the mrs and i dont think we have ever talked so much as normally tv, work etc all get in the way.... definitely need to spend some more time away in the future....

back to poker, i deposited $75 which has been covered by some bets with my mates on Burnley winning the playoffs and ive also sold Call of Duty 4 for the PS3 for £15... good game but its just gathering dust at the moment as PES2009 is king in my house...

anyways getting off the track a bit... i deposited $75 and knew i was due a $35 bonus and $15 rakeback very soon... the plan was to get to $200 by the end of the week. last night at about 10pm i had $195 in my account.....this morning i have $94

im such a cock sometimes, basically it i did heads up 10nl and lost 4 buyins, started playing bad at the end but mainly was unlucky with us both hitting flops and i couldnt get away.. i wasnt too fussed about this...i was pissed off however when i went to a $100 3 handed table and lost about $60 through playing absolute joker poker.... my style was to call down shit hands and bluff on the end.... i knew i was playing bad but i just couldnt quit.

sigh. so not a good start and now i have $95 to work with.... really need to be disciplined now, i wanna get to $200 by month end by playing sensible and then take it from there - need to start building the roll up.

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