Thursday, 25 June 2009

Large Drunken Hands

Im an idiot!!

I played at about 5pm, nothing big just 2 table 25nl but I stopped after about 20 hands as I was for some reason a bit pissed off and couldn’t concentrate…

Watched some sh1te tv and drunk some strongboys, played footie manager made some good signings and was feeling happy

Loaded up full tilt and did 2 super turbo tournaments, $12 and $7, i like these tourneys cos they are quick and its literally all in or fold so no tricky decisions!! End up coming 10th and 13th, annoying as its so close!!

So.. a little bit angry I go onto $1-$2 Omaha where I won that big hand the other night…. See how well I played this hand…..

I have A 8 8 2HHCC and it gets raised to $6 so I call… flop comes 4 5 J Rainbow, bloke bets $10.. not sure why at this point but I call…. Turn is 7 of hearts giving me an 8 high flush draw, he bets $15 and I reraise to $38 he calls…. River is a jack but not a heart.. I have two pair…. He checks…….we both have about $140 each… I can knock him off his hand right?? I bet the pot $138ish….. he calls with 6 8 9 9 and a straight….the bumhole even had a better heart flush draw so I was drawing dead all along

next up I decide to step up a level… I look around the tables and I spy a bloke sitting on about 8 different heads up NLH tables, my reasoning is that he wont be fully concentrating and possible will be able to trap him!!… I sit down with him on a $2 -$4 table with $400 , leaving about $120 in my account - I really need to win.

I play about 15 hands and its fairly even, I look him on Poker Table Ratings and it seems he has won £50k on his account … lol.. im gonna need a hand…..

Not to long later I find a hand pocket jacks I re-repop his standard preflop raise to $20 and he flat calls, flop comes JXX BINGO!, I min bet here to look weak and it works as he reraises me to $30ish.. I don’t wanna scare him off so call… next card is another bank… I wanna stay looking weak so check and he bets $80ish… I feel he is now pot-committed… I go all-in... He snap calls with KJ and no outs so I scoop a $800+pot!

All that drama left me about $40 up for the evening

Time to think up some BR management rules!

hands below in the replayer will have the bets as icant really remember!

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