Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Expensive Lunch

poker has been going well, upto about $680 ish now, been running well in the $3.50 45 man super turbos, now have 3 2nd place finishes and a 3rd place finish from 5 games, cash has been steady as well helped by wins at $50 heads up omaha and stud when i was bored and a $140 pot in NLH when my top set got called all in with two flush draws.

on a side note my dad is eager to get me to go down the Rendevous Casino in Brighton for some poker as my mum is away, were aiming for Thursday night which is a £50 freezeout.

Spoke to two of my work colleagues MUG and HBK who said they couldnt afford it but it was suggested we pop over to ladbrokes at lunch and do £20's in with the aim of hitting £210, it sounded easy right?!

OMG Ladbrokes is so RIGGED!! couldnt hit a damn thing and i called it quits at £60 down, my mat eploughed in an extra £100 and actually hit a £10 number bet to put his balance at £360 meaning he was up..... he is a determined fella tho and managed to lose that as well with numerous £100 spins all missing.


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