Monday, 15 June 2009

Back in the game!!

i managed to get hold of a "stake" from my old man and deposited $200 into a Full Tilt Account...... really gonna try and do this properly now and only play games i can afford... so thats max $5 tourneys and max $10 on any cash table.

just registered for two HU STT's, four people and winer takes all... came 2nd in the 1st one when i ran into Quad tens... the 2nd game was even sicker... i had the fish down to 200 chips compared to my 5800 but still lost.... take a look at this comeback doubling up each time - hitting runner runner twice!!

really sick especially the 1st one... only card in the deck and not the first time i have been 1 outered on the river in recent games

its safe to say the last hand was nice as well... my AK all in against pocket 5's... ace on the flop but 4th heart on the river for a 5 high flush :-(

ah well.... im about $10 up at the mighty 10nl so lets crack on

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