Monday, 29 June 2009

Break Even Weekend

Played Saturday morning at my old mans work, did a few tourneys and came 8th in a 45 manner when went all in with AK and got called by AK and AA (top 6 pay)

Then I went to heads up cash $50 and got all my money In with AK on a KJ3DD board… the other bloke had J10 diamonds and I managed to hold on to win the $100 pot…that put my balance over $900

That night I did a load of tourneys, final tabled two small MTT’s to get upto $950ish… then played $1-$2 omaha six handed won a massive pot where I cant remember the hand which put me over the $1000 mark. Near $1050 I think.

Since then I’ve lost $40 on heads up stud, $30 in tourneys.

Then to cap it all im browsing the $50 heads up tables and spot this player called PFCIVAN he is a well known player who basically is very good and well known on 2+2 forums..... I decide to test myself.

I lose $100 in the following hands

$20 with 98 on a 98Q 10 7 board he has K6
$30 with 88 all in preflop – he has 99
$50 with KQ all in on a Q 2 3 flop he has 33

Gonna session a couple of MTTs tonight while watching the footie with Pecks and Bob…..

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