Monday, 8 June 2009

Going Backwards


managed to spin down my $95 to about $12 playing cash tables my roll should not be going near!! couple of sick beats ak > k 5 etc but its my own fault for putting the stack at risk.... on the up side ive managed to claw back to $42 after finding a weak player heads up.

From this $42 i really need to make a plan.... maybe avoid cash and spin up through STT's... i dont know...i just cant seem to be bothered, im happier playing footie manager!!

at the moment im playing a few cheap games.... lost in an invitiational freroll about 800/1000ish when my flopped ace got rivered by a trip kings.... then i did a 12 man stt and lost a 8k pot with AK on and A 7 7 2 turn... he calls with AJ and the jack comes out. normally i wouldnt care but when the bankroll is this low it really affects your confidence..

at the moment im set to cash in a $2 mtt, im 26th with 32 left and top 30 pay... shame im gonna haul in a likely $4 prize.

still better than nothing eh?!!

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