Friday, 19 June 2009

Steady Progress

so its been five days since i opened the account on full tilt, and even with a few drinks being consumed i seem to be doing ok!!

as always tourneys are not doing to well, ive probably done about 20 and only cashed twice in those crazy super turbo 45 manner, ive finished close to the cash in 3 other multi's so maybe have to tighten up my bubble game to get into the cash - all in all im $6 down at the mo

cash is going well, i have only be 3 tabling and i have around a $150 profit at holdem (graph below) i also have racked up about $40-$50 in Omaha / stud etc when ive fancied a change!

im aiming for some poker to be played tonight, but am feeling knackered as my daughter has been ill and took my place in my bed last night.... meaning a night on the sofa... ah well...

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