Wednesday, 2 December 2009

1st Day = Routine Day

So day 1 was completed and it ran like such a typical day for me...

I logged on at about 7pm with two of the kids in bed and the wife working in the other room and with my youngest running all over the house doing what she wanted!!

the aim was to bang out 100 Full Tilt points so i 12 tabled $25 full ring for an hour, listening to music on the tv to get me in a rythmn and the session ended an hour later with a loss of $11 - this was mainly due to 2 stupid misclicks, first hand blind on blind i want to bet $1 with bottom pair on the flop and somehow manage to end up betting $9 into the $1 pot.... big blind thinks then shoves for $20 later claiming to have top pair.... a bit later on im embroiled in a hand at the bottom of my screen and see that i have KQ suited on a table up top on the big blind so click call... whoops a dirty slag shortstacker has pushed all in for $5 and im calling that not 25 cents, even worse he has AK.

I also ran $12 under EV but thats to be expected.

anyways keeping in mind of completing 4 Acamdemy Challenges i notice i have a couple of tasks left in my bankroll managment one... i have to do 5 stts and one mtt which cost less than 2% off my bankroll - easily done i register for 6 $1 super turbos winning one for a $3 loss which only took 20 minutes.

at this point i have lost $14 but have cleared $10 of my holiday hundred and decide to log off, the mrs is still beavering away so i stick on Footie Manager and watch some Tv with a couple of tins.... a couple of hours later ive got promoted at the 4th attempt with Lancing in County Div 2 and have drunk 4 cans of Strongbow..

Feeling a little brave and bored i head to the $50 heads up tables and search for the dirty shortstackers who stack off with A3 preflop.... 100 hands later ive won $60 and the day seems right again...

all in all such a standard day, i grind at the $25 and eithr win or lose a minsicule amount for pathetic bb/100... i then go on later semi drunk and crush the bad players for a good win-rate, be interesting to see how this pans out and whether the trend continues, i really want to be winning from my sober bread and butter games not relying on finding drunks at heads up!!

ah well profit is profit and i have a $802 bankroll

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