Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Bum Hunting

last night was a much needed winning session but it did not really feel satisfying... i did a fairly decent grind of about 700 hands at $25nl and lost about $4, only hand i can remember is getting it in preflop with AK against two half stackers with $10 each, one had QQ the other K10... King on the flop, 10 on the river - standard.

i took a little break and loaded up footie manager as im well into my game at the moment, but i left the poker client open, in between games on FM I holidayed through the weeks and i used this time to look through the heads up tables looking for people with less than $20, every time i found one i'd sit down and within 10 hands i would figure out if they were worth playing, if they seemed ok i left with my tail between my legs.

so here lies the problem, i won about $50 over the 200 hands or so i played but the feeling that im avoiding the good players made it seem like a hollow victory, i feel like such a pussy scrolling through the tables thinking dont play him, he's too good etc etc.

any thoughts on this? do you guys table select this much? do you leave the table if people start 3 betting and floating on flops and firing out bets on the turn? or do you man up and play through trying to work out who to beat the players?

i guess thats where im annopyed with myself, i should be working out how to beat the players and playing challenging games?!

bankroll $840


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KnockoffNeil said...

It depends what you play poker for mate. If its for money then avoiding good players where you have no edge is key. If you play for sport and want to become an awesome player then yeh your gonna have to "man up" at some point. Im gonna play some HU this week since its a part of my game that really needs some attention.

Whats your screen on full tilt? Im Neilc999. I wouldnt mind railing you sometime if thats ok.

John said...

sounds good to me