Monday, 14 December 2009

Week 2

A small break from blogging as it seems my company is cracking down on internet useage, they have seen my blog being accessed every day and categorised it as gambling which goes on the banned list! Definitely means I will blog less as I am a lazy tool who will write a blog post at work but not on his own time – im actually writing this at work now and emailing it home where ill just copy and paste after adding the graph and stats.

Last week has been disappointing poker wise, I lost $120 or so on the Monday and spent the rest of the week winning it back… come Saturday twice I had won it back getting to the $900 mark before losing a couple of bigish hands which I couldn’t get away from.

Last night was my monthly freeroll through rakebrain (links up side), very very strange event, normally people who have qualified will register manually and you have about 300 people fighting for the $5k spread over 90 paying places… yesterday was utter madness everyone who has qualified was automatically registered…. first table I have a full table of sitouts and im raising every pot stealing the blinds.. this lasts for 50 hands before im frustatingly moved.. the next table has 2 other active players, I was tempted to strike a deal in the chat box but seeing as they both went all in against either other with a straight draw which hit for a straight and a split pot I decided to try and bust them.

Sure enough within 20 hands I dispose of one luckily with A4 on a AK10 flop…villain has K10 but I hit runner runner flush…. 2nd person tries sem bluffing a gut-shot into my two pair which holds.

From then on I am top 10 all the way till the bubble burst…. I then get a bit reckless as I had been drinking and eventually bust around the 50th mark when I get called blind on blind my ace 9 losing to ace 2.

All that work for $13.50 – barely worth it!!

Especially as I use that and the other $10 I had left in my bankroll (I had transferred the rest to a safe place as I knew I was drinking) to shortstack a $100 cash table and lose after about 5 hands

Not really sure how much ill play this week, I just don’t seem in the mood at the moment and hate forcing myself to play just to hit 50 points a day, hopefully get to play a birthday live game Saturday which should be a laugh.

Bankroll is now $830


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