Tuesday, 1 December 2009

New Month - New Grind

So December is here and Novembers lean month is over, i amd fresh after taking 3 days off and looking forward to the grind.

Bankroll is $750 and my initial target is to double this and then withdraw $500, i will record my daily results and keep track of rakeback bonuses etc, i want to do one of the those target graph things that a few blogs have - if anyone can help with the coding let me know.

Have some non profit/bankroll related goals this month, first i want to get to Gold Status on Ironman, Silver is redic easy as its basically 20 minutes a day for 25 days so i think i can play a bit more and move up a level, also iron man related is i want to earn a point every day to qualify for the 1 a day freeroll. finally i want to do at least 4 academy challenges this month, looking at it there are some decent things you can buy in the store and if youre a playing a decent volume you might as well register for the challenges and take advantage.

i will update my gagdets on the side to show these challenges.

bit of a rubbish post but i havent played for a few days, will post daily on results which may be a bit boring but i need to keep track and keep focused on my goals, maybe if i know i have to post the sessions results means i wont stack off with ace 9 on a 9 high board.

Bankroll $750.


KnockoffNeil said...

whats the crack with iron man? Ive seen that once you earn so many medals u can swap em for bonuses. I dnt have rakeback so this is all the return i can get from the site. From what ive read and found hard to understand you can only earn so many medals per month, or can u earn as many as u can play for???

Daly said...

Iron Man is ok but not a substitute for rakeback, i opt for the medals and after i earn 600 i can buy a $100 bonus - after 5 months i only have 350!!

the other good thing is year end and mid year bonus, its easier to look up on the site then me explain mate!!

ps - you need to open a new account under a wife/father/brother's name and get rakeback... its free money and the end of the day. theres a link to rakebrain on the side for 27% rakeback and you also get a $5k monthly freeroll