Friday, 4 December 2009

ECOOP V Event 12

Playing in a big tourney by my standards tonight, the $100 rebuy which is part of ECOOP V.... my dad won the entry but cant play in the event so he's asked me to give it a shot... not too confident, especially as we satetelited into it and he said i can only rebuy once... hoepfully will pick up some cards early so i have a safe stack to get into the money!!

it starts tonight at 8pm and ill write up a report tomorrow.

Cash has been ok, been losing at $25nl but only down 2 buyins over about 2k hands, at the same time im up 2 buying at $50 heads up.

bankroll a healthy $837 with rakeback to come tomorrow.


John said...

gl mate, take it down

S1ndr0me said...

take that bad boy down