Thursday, 3 December 2009

Titan Poker is Fish Filled

went on early doors, lost about $20 playing my usual grind, not feeling to confident at the mo... as i knew i was hitting the drink to watch Arsenal later i transferred my bankroll to a mate so i couldnt go on later and have a drunken gamble.

watched the game had a few cans and guess what i fancied a gamble... i rembered i had $22 on Titan so i logged onto a 25 euro table with about half a stack and this happens....

Nice. if you fancy playing against people who call bets with bottom pair then use the sign up links on the side.

bankroll $780

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Anonymous said...

Typical standard on ipoker at 25, 50 NL IMO. Better off at $1 and above. At least people seem to know whats going on and the day of the week. And theres more mass multi tablers playing like 7% VPIP so theres plenty of targets to aim at.