Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2010 goal finalised

2009 has been my first year at blogging, it has been a great help to get down my results, thoughts plans and seen a gradual development.

Over the course of the year there has been several highs and crushing lows, the definite highlight has been the $2k win in the daily dollar, the lows has been the 3 or 4 times I have lost $400-$600 in tilted drunken messes.

The upside of all this is that I think I have grown out of this destructive behavior, I have arrangements in place that if im getting drunk that I transfer my bankroll to a mate so that I cannot be in a position to lose the plot. This may seem stupid and childish but inside of me there is definitely a degenerate gambler, I have probably lost about £1000 playing blackjack over the years which is why I have deposit limits on every poker site and casino so that I cannot deposit and lose money on gambling.

This year is definitely the first year that I have stuck to one poker site almost exclusively, I have a bankroll and I don’t need to deposit amounts here and there on different sites to play a game.

2009 has seen me become almost exclusively a cash game player, I have moved from 4 tabling tourneys to at present 16 tabling $25nl full ring tables and playing $50 heads up when I spot an opportunity, my $25 full ring game is flawed and 2010 is where I hop to work on the game.

Anyways, this blog post is getting a bit over the place so im going to move onto 2010 goals.

I have one main goal and its real simple, I owe currently £900 on my credit card and about £800 on my overdraft, most of this is wedding related but I reckon a good £300 or so is old gambling debts that I have never paid off – with interst I reckon it will take £2000 to clear.

Therefore my aim is to make £3400 (£200) from poker in 2010…. I have my tried and tested start point of $750 and after getting to $1000 I will withdraw all profit in $100 increments….i think this is definitely an achievable goal, I just need to avoid any blow-ups, learn to embrace variance and not spazz out after losing a stack and get in a load of volume, bonuses and rakeback will all help me achive my goal

Be nice to maybe take down a donkament or 2 to get there quicker!!

Anyways will definitely take a break till the 1st January, by then ill be starting the new year with a $150 Iron Man Bonus.

* total idiot, i lost $100 last night went on super tilt when someone called all in heads up with 47 on a 79J back and hit a 4 on the river for 2 pair.

no problems just means start point will be $650 and likely that Jan will be spent grinding up to $100, withdrawals hopefully from February onwards!

Bankroll $650 debt to clear £3400.

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