Sunday, 17 January 2010

Big Little

This aint gonna go good... just used up my last $T to register for the big little and the $10k guaranteed super stack... i feel fing knackered but ive dropped about $50 last night and today playing shite, this is my chance to claw it back, to massive donkaments lols!!

currently had a sneaky double up with AQ >AK... i told you this aint gonna go good, will report back a bit later through edits

hmmmm came 15k odd out of 32k entrants queens into aces... then decided i couldnt be arsed with the 10k game, it was a superstack and super slow...

to top it all off ive dropped about $75 in cash, why play when im not in the mood?!

im an idiot, gonna deposit £20 as account looks sparse

bankroll $960 FFS

gonna grind tomorrow as mrs is working, least 3k hands.

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United113 said...

how you getting on?