Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Monster session

played over the weekend and carried on the run good picking up another $75 (andwithdrawing $100) mainly at $25nl but with occasional dips into $50 headsup and off course Rush Poker... no need to comment on this as this has been much discussed... anyways onto last nights session... mrs went out to a see a mate and i made it a mission to grind for as long as she was out... i was expecting an hour but she was out for 3 hours!!

in this time i went through -

* 3264 Hands
* 387 Full Tilt Points
* $30.88 in Rake Paid
* 4 Cans of strongbow
* 3 pairs of aces run into
* $6.76 Profit LOL!!!

Sickness just complete breakeven although the points are handy for my bonus!!

Bankroll $995

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