Friday, 22 January 2010


been flying this week, up $200+ on the cash tables at a real decent win rate... and even better our monthly pay out for the occasional lunchtime games of £55 came so ive paid off £170 off the credit card... the first official payments of 2010 No More Pain Poker!!

in case youre wondering the other monies has paid for her dress for xmas, some new boots for her and COD, a jumper and jeans for me....i guess i need discipline to direct all winnings to my debt as planned but you gotta keep the mrs sweet - its kinda like hush money!!

should really be playing tonight as the mrs is working and the kids are with their nan or dad but I just cant be arsed, as long as i clear $10 a day im on track and in fact im like 3 times over my target this month - good times for now.

Full Tilt Bonus is over half way clear need to clear 1500 points in 22 days, works out around 70 a day..... when i can be arsed to do a session i can clear 120 an hour so i look good for $175 middle of next month!

bankroll $1025, hope youve all started the new year as well as me.

22-Jan Figures
Bankroll $1,026
NLH Cash $211
PLO Cash -$52
Tourneys $132
Bonuses $0
Rakeback $66
Live Poker $445

Withdrawn $630
Bankroll Increase $276

Target to Go $2,496