Saturday, 9 January 2010

Live Trip Report No. 2 - £55 1rebuy or add-on

so Thursday night me my dad and my mate Clive who works for my dad headed down to the Rendevous Casino (link - )for the £55 1 rebuy or addon.... previously I had gone down for this tourney before and was unlucky to finish 13th..

anyways we turn up an hour before the tourney and register, my dad is staking me so half of any winnings will go to him....normally there is like 60 people but with the snow we start with 36, over the course of the rebuy period of 90 minutes another 11 people register late!! anyways funnily enough i manage to draw table 3 and who is sitting next to me? my dad lol...the rebuy period doesnt go great,only real hand of note see's me having to make a big fold to leave me with half my stack.... i raise the button with K6 blinds 100/200 to 800... small blind calls, flop is KQ9 i lead out for 800 and small blind calls... turn is a queen so i lead out for 800 again and small blind sets me in.... i think a fold is a good option although i now only have 2600 or 13 bb's.

at the break nearly everyone add-ons so the average is now 12k and i have about 9k... blinds are 150/300 so no real rush... i manage to chip up twice by 3 bet blasting AK and get upto average chips... then the key hand for me happens, i have dwindled down to below average.... i limp in in early position with ace ten of hearts and about 3 other people limp behind (lol @ live poker) the button then re-raises to 1500... it comes back to me and i decide to put him to the test, i have managed to successfully 3bet him off hands before.... unfortunetly this time he has QQ.... im getting up and putting my coat on when the ace hits the turn and i double upto above average.

From then on i coast onto the last two table and look good for a final table as i maintain a 20 bb stack, my dad eventually busts 13th when he loses a flip with his QK bricking against 10's...

im put to the test near the bubble when i open with ace queen and the big aggresive chip leader calls, flop is Q107 with two diamonds and the chip leader bets half my stack... do i really wanna exit here? i tank and decide i have to be ahead, i hove for 9k more and chip leader insta mucks... the bubble soon breaks and im on the final table..the final table does go quite quickly, there are two chip leaders who are taking people out left right and centre.... eventually i bust out in 5th... i check raise shove 67 on a 347ss board for about 8bbs, unfortunetly chip leader had Q8ss for a complete flip and binks the queen.

prize was £260 so cant complain, my best live poker score.

online has been improving, bankroll is up to $820 with Omaha and rakeback compensating my losing start at hold'em.

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