Saturday, 16 January 2010

More Live Shenanigans

went back to the casino last night for the £10 rebuy,there was a group of about 10 of us I had already decided before the event that as it was my mates birthday i was gonna just get pissed... i did not take the event seriously at all and was eventually in for£45, got down to the last 3 tables and I had a stack of 4k at blinds 300/600..however I got a double up with 8's elimating another shortstacks ace 9 and then i double through someone with a flopped trips and suddenly I had over 20bbs and an above average stack.

but poker is a funny game, ive gone from zero to hero and then this sick sick hand on the button and find that is limped and then re-raised to 3.5k by one of our group Ready... i look down at kings... me and Ready are both similar stacks... i decide to just push 16k, let him take me on if he wants but giving him an opportunity to fold.... when he annouces "Daly youre gonna be angry" i puke a little.. he of course has aces....i stand up and a king is the first door card, the word sorry leaves my mouth before the bloody aces comes.... despite picking up a flush draw im bounced in 25th... my mate didnt even get in the cash with my chips ffs.

after this i sink a few pints and hear they are starting a 2nd cash table £1/£1 NLH with £20-£200 buyin, i decide its worth a shot and buyin for £60 and were playing 5 handed..3 hands in im reraised allin when the jack hits a 732J board and i call with queens....ace hits the river and i groan but it seems the donk was playing J9 lol!!

i play on for about an hour waiting for our last player braddick who comes 8th for £100.... i end up with £165 after buying in for £60 and drinking loads and losing £20 on blackjack!

decided to "withdraw" £85 so figures and looking even cosier!

bannk roll $1028....

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