Monday, 4 January 2010

Started the year as an idiot

so I started 2010 full of optimism, to achieve my goal i would need to earn a simple $10 a day... coupled with a $175 bonus earnt by clearing 80 Full Tilt points a day over the 44 days the bonus runs for.

3000 hands in two days (250 odd points) and a small profit saw me well on track, i was buzzing, then my idiocy kicks in.... 2 nights ago i get caught semi bluffing and I tilt off $60.

last night I come home from a birthday meal drunk and play Omaha, one bad beat and I tilt and im down $200. nearly a 3rd of my 2010 starting bankroll.

to be honest I have been thinking of quitting poker, what's the point in all the time and effort I put in if I have no discipline and can lose months or work in 10 minutes?

I have been persuaded to carry on by a mate, and i have been promised a $200 loan by my dad so I can get back in action.

can I learn from my mistakes? one last go will tell

Bankroll $670

* Edit dad has give me £200 not $200... also he is buying me into the £55 1 rebuy or add-on at the Rendevous Casino on Thursday

Bankroll a healthier $780, time to play sensibly and achieve my goals.


Gavin said...

Good luck with it mate. Any chance of a link up?

Meteoric Poker said...

Good luck! Sounds you know what your weakspots are - it's all willpower now...

Daly said...

yeah willpower might be a problem though!!

Gav - linked up mate