Monday, 11 January 2010

Update 11th Jan (small mtt score)

so were a week in and its time for a quick review..... volume has been ok, I have done nearly 4k hands in about 7 hours at my main cash games, a mix of multi-tabling $25nl full ring and $50 heads up.

however the results are a bit disappointing as im about a buy-in of each down, however I dont think im playing badly and my ev chart here shows im not running well

luckily i have been having a few blasts at Pot Limit omaha and im currently about $90 up but of course poker tracker doesnt track so i wouldnt know how many hands or how lucky i have been!!

tourney wise it has been great my live result worked out at a decent $415 and i followed that up on a free Saturday morning with the mrs shopping with $154 worth of wins in a few mtt's, the bulk of this a $150 score in a small $2 rebuy -

so im pretty much cleared for the month ($300 a month target) and things are looking good!!

im keeping a record of the figures on the side but it breaks down like this

Bankroll - $928 + $80 for live

Pl Omaha - +$88
Nl Cash - -$70
Tourneys - +$154
Bonuses - $0
Rakeback - +$21
Live Poker - +$415
Stakes Returned - $190

Total - +$418

Withdrawn - $190
Bankroll increase $228
Target to Go - $2964

ill keep playing on to clear my iron man bonus and hopefully to turn a profit at my main games!!

gl all bankroll $928.


Jurn8 said...

nice start to the month man, I like your totals thing on the side, may copy it :)

John said...

Nice MTT cash and Live cash, looks like things are going well for you on the poker front at the moment. Long may it continue