Monday, 19 July 2010

Almost felt sorry for the guy

wow real positive day yesterday, I started off with 2 quick 15 minute sessions at Rush Poker and won around $45 mainly due to a couple of nice hands, one AA>KK preflop and another where i held 44 and got it in on a 4557 board 3 ways against 56 and QQ and i held.

Anyway's I stopped there and had a few drinks watching telly with the mrs before she went to bed when I stuck on some shows of my own, now I didnt feel pissed so I logged on and did some microstakes tourneys coming nowhere, I then fired up 1 table of $50 rush and said to myself that if my bankroll dipped below $1030 i'd stop, i lost a few dollars and was on the verge of quitting when again i get aces against kings and it holds again for a nice $70 pot a he wasnt full stacked.

I then go bum hunting the headsup tables, telling myself i must quit if i lose a stack as plenty of times in the past i double someone up, tilt and end up losing loads of money.

so searching the tables I find someone siting with $20 and jump on and he was terrible!! he called every raise preflop and seemed to hang on in every pot, after the 3rd stacking in quick time I felt a bit guilty so I typed in mate you shouldnt be playing 36 off suit in a raised pot and he started asking me advice on how to play!! asking about my experience etc!! i gave him a few pointers but still stacked him 2 more times before i had to quit as my daughter woke up crying. In a way i felt relieved as the money seemed a bit to easy, does anyone ever feel this way? guilty after winning?

i ended up $160 up for the day an ive withdrawn $200 as the first withdrawals towards my debt repayments - £130 down £870 to go!

figures so far


NLH HU $238.00
NLH FR -$176.00
Rush $73.00
Tourneys -$33.00
Bonus & Rakeback $258.00
Other $55.00
Live Poker $0.00
Total $415.00

Bank Roll $985.00

Withdrawn $200.00

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Joshua said...

You have to laugh - it is fine to feel sorry for that guy, but you need to remember that if you don't take his money then someone else will!