Thursday, 15 July 2010

Chan to outlegend Ivey?

Last year the poker community all went a bit nuts when Phil Ivey final table the main event, this year Ivey is out but a true legen in Johhny Chan has top 10 chips with around 200 players left. How awesome would it be if Chan could final table and have a shot at a record 3rd world title? tempted to put some money on him with a second shout to Johnny Lodden who is a decent high stakes pro.

did not play much yesterday but managed to recoup around $40 of the $60 lost, played a real bad hand headsup which went as follows, I raise 75dd on the button and big blind calls, flop comes 5910 with 1 diamond, bloke bets around $2.50 i raise to $6 bloke calls, turn is 9 diamonds, bloke bets $10 and i shove with my 1 pair and flush draw, bloke insta calls with kings but i suck out with a diamond river. the pot was about $50ish and i was all in with not a lot of outs and there was no way he would fold for so little.

ah well bankroll now $815, my rush poker today should see me clear another $20 of the bonus, think im nearly done with completing it.

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