Monday, 26 July 2010

Close But No Cigar

so close but so far... 242/690 in the big tourney my QQ was all in 3 ways againts 34suited and ace 9... this deep into a tourney and people are shoving that crap!

if the hand held i was top 30 with top 80 getting minimum $500.

in the $42k guaranteed i finsihed 550/4000 odd, bluffed off a 20bb stack hoping to represent the flush with four diamonds out but matey made a brave/good/gay call with his AJ no diamonds but ot be fair he did have trips.....

could of folded my way into the money for sure but ot be honest i was knackered.

had to make a withdrawl of £50 ($80) as im out on a stag do this weekend and do not have funds in my bank.

bankroll now $930


NLH HU $231.00
NLH FR -$176.00
Rush $95.00
Tourneys -$33.00
Bonus & Rakeback $287.00
Other $41.00
Live Poker $0.00
Total $445.00

Bank Roll $935.00

Withdrawn $280.00

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