Friday, 30 July 2010

Live Poker

last night i went down the rendevous casino in Brighton Marina with my dad and a couple of mates for the £55 + 1 rebuy or add-on, my dad staked me as its a bit pricey for a donk like me.

quite a small turnout, started with 35 but ended yp with 48 runners, bit strange seeing a poker room with 14 tables only using 5 of them but to be fair it is a nice setup and im glad its not self dealt any more.

Tourney was a pile of crap, previously i had come 5th for £260 without rebuying but this time i had to rebuy midway through the third level. i had lost half my starting of 5k with raises with 1010, 77 and ace10 which all missed and with 4 callers there aint a lot i can do on the flop.

so pretty much from that point i was shorstacked with 5k ish and i hung on for ages waiting for a spot, when the blinds hit 300/600 with antes of 50 i had to just shove, i got about 3 of them through but it was impossible to find a spot, my table had 3 old guys who would raise or call everything preflop. eventually i bust about 27ish when i shove QK UTG, someone wakes up with AK GG.

one funny spot was that this yound mouthy kiddy won a big pot and slowrolled the guy, he had a decent stack and announced that he was going to "Iron the table out" next hand he's pushed the button and gets called his 88 gets outflopped by AK he then pushes with A10 into AQ and straight after that he shoves blind utg and his J4 doesnt hit a miracle - he started swearing and said he only wants to play the cash game - yeah right!!

after this my dad was still in so i regged for the £100 minimum buy-in cash game, £2/£2 blinds with optional straddle of £5 and one round of hold'em one round of Omaha, most people had £200 to £400 so i just had to sit tight, good tactic though as everytime i raised in position and they called pre and checked the flop i could fire £10-£15 and take down the pot.

one hand of note was i have 99, i raise pre to £7 flop comes 1095 with two clubs, bloke bets £7 so i re-raise to £17 and he calls, turn is the ace of clubs he checks and i get a .little worried of the flush and check, river is the case 9, bloke fires out £22, i try my best to act but as soon as i raise another £35 he folds - damn.

end up £29 up after paying the £8 dealer charge for the hour.

online has been ok, think i have around $980 in my account but i havent played since Tuesday.

might be playing the $60k guarenteed on ipoker tonight on a stake, will report if i ship!

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