Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blogging Every Day

think i need to blog every day, best way to keep track of my results i think... had a session yesterday where the bankroll hit a high of $1025 and i was absolutely gutted to finish on $885, however last time i blogged on Monday i was on $940 so only really lost a couple of buyins i guess...

anyway onto yesterdays loss, i won some decent money heads-up in the morning and Monday night but when i played yesterday i spewed money all over the shop, probably not the best idea to play heads up when watching the footie as you cant get into a rythymn or spot any "tells" in betting timing etc.

i need to cut down on headsup, i may winning so far but there arent enough decent games to play as there are the same regs on all the time, and i do not have the bankroll to be tackling regs with full $50 buyins. i need to stick to my plan of bum hunting people who buy in with a short stack.

so i think ill need to add in $25nl Rush Poker as a game to play if i have half hour spare, its not feasible to play a 16 table session of normal poker as it takes so long to set up the tables and then leave!

anyway such a rambling post, will probabaly post absolute bollocks if i keep my daily posting plan up.

bankroll $885

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