Saturday, 17 July 2010

in Poker Things change quickly

Wednesdays Blog I was down beat as I was down to a mere $4 profit, today my bankroll is a nice $944 and I still have $50 to come in tomorrow on completion of my final day on the rush poker week, hopefully sometime next week ill be upto $1100 and ill be able to make my first withdrawal towards my debt clearing task!!

Out on the piss tonight, first time in months, got a football do then into Brighton to hook up with some mates on a stag do, should be a grin if i can keep the pace and stop worryinh about how much money i spend, might even play a session in a bit and see if i can spin up some beer money lol!

Figures for 17-Jul

NLH HU $153.00
NLH FR -$176.00
Rush -$11.00
Tourneys -$19.00
Bonus & Rakeback $168.00
Other $59.00
Live Poker $0.00
Total $174.00

Bank Roll $944.00

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