Monday, 13 July 2009

Aftermath of Big win

been very quiet on the poker front since Friday....been basking in my glory and been very funny explaining to people that i won $2000 on a $1 tourney lol!

since then i have only played a bit of cash winning another $150ish, this would be a lot more but lost 2 $160 pots QQ losing to A5 and then A6 losing to JJ both AIPF (shortstakcing 400nl headsup BTW)

so the main question people have been asking is what are you going to do with the money? obviously all the poker people will say leave it on the bankroll but unfortunetly we have a need in my household for a new car... so i have withdrawn $1500 which leaves my bankroll at $1150 which is higher than its been before...

Got a live game Friday of which i am organising, a £20 freezout at a village hall hopefully with 30+ entrants.

anyways bit of a boring post but there you go.

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