Monday, 20 July 2009

Recovery then Crash

bad session last night which has seen me lose control and the bankroll is at it lowest point...the night started off ok, my roll was upto $700 and the mrs was working so i decided to do some tourneys... i entered and failed to cash in a $5 rebuy sattelite, $14 multi and $3 multi... at the same time i dropped about $45 playing at a $50nl 6 max tourney... not the end of the world...i switched to a $25nl table and won $21 and then stacked someone at a $50nl headsup table at this point i was even.

i decided time to slow down im happy being even, so i played some limit holdem. obviously i seem to suck as i lost about $35...i then went to recover an played another $50nl table.... about 10 hands in i was completely bored... my opponent was folding everything... i sat out and berated him calling a pussy etc and he said to sit back in and he'll open up a bit.... he started getting agressive raising and re-raising and i new it'd be very soon before we got all the chips in the middle.

4 hands later i have pocket 7's, he raised pre-flop to $2 and i re-raised to $5.50 he called... the flop came 5 high and i bet $10... he moved all in....i called and of course he had pocket kings.

from here i lost $150 playing and $100 pl omaha and then i sat with all my remaining bankroll on a $400nl heads up table..... at one point down to $290 i recovered to $385 which is where im at today.

down $615 plus bonuses in about 2 weeks and now im not even rolled for $25nl - GG Me.

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