Thursday, 9 July 2009

Uproar at Full Tilt Software Update

Wow went to log onto Full Tilt last night and what a mess!!! They have undertaken a big software update which has caused severe problems –

• Changed graphics on the cards so it is very hard to tell suits when multitabling
• Cards are actually blurry
• Severe lagging, one minute it’s the cards are frozen mid shuffle and next its your turn to act
• The tables don’t pop-up when its your turn
• Poker tracker / Hold’em Manager don’t work
• Sites like Pokertablings ratings are non compatible as they conflict with the sites issue against datamining
• Peoples customised Mods and shortcuts no longer work

I logged onto the 2 & 2 Poker forum and there were turns off posts discussing this and lots of unhappy customers…. be very interested to see what they fix in the next few days.

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