Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Anti Tilt Mods for full tilt

i have reloaded and im upto about $280... its going to be a long grind at 10nl but but bankroll managment is key in this game.

i have been looking into the graphic mods for full tilt and i think i have found a way to stay away from 400nlHU.

no way i can tilt and act the fool with my baby girl looking at me!!


Starlight Coast said...

Your bankroll discipline, or lack thereof reminds me so much of myself when I was first starting out. The discipline came to me and it will come for you as well, I have little doubt. Great blog and I will definitely me adding yours to my blog list. Be well and play well.

theshocker7 said...

haha yes cheers starlight. im finally coming to the conclusion about bankroll managment, i will link to your blog if im not already linked up!