Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bad Night, Moving Down and a Withdrawal

Sigh.... another losing night... was actually quite a fun session 3 tabling 50NL 6 max... was down $130 then up $30 then i think down about $70... not great swings really and not a great loss but the trouble is that i was playing scared. playing scared cos i didnt want to lose $100. Not the way to make money at poker.

Countless times i say im only gonna play $25nl or im not gonna play Omaha or heads up but i still do today i've withdrawn my original stake and i now only have $540 in my account... again the plan will be $25nl and tourneys probably not over $10...i've got potentially 3 nights of decent play over the weekend so hopefully i can take down a tourney or two and start climbing again. know going to post my favourite hand from the evening's session at the end of each post.. im at work at the mo so cant use the replayer but you get the drift from this -

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