Saturday, 4 July 2009

Failed Challenge

my 25NL challenge only lasted 400 hands .... and I lost $10.... just got so bored I couldnt be bothered, so many nits or shortstackers... so since then i've played a few tourneys instead including a would-be style 5 hours slog to come 17/336 in the $2 rebuy for about $11 when i lose a 150k chip pot when my flopped to pair gets beaten by an overpair hitting its to outer. nearest other chip stack was 80k. still im back in profit of sharkscope....

More frustratingly I have lost two $100 pots with AA against Q8 when we get it all in on a 832 flop and the pocket Jacks to 62 suited on a 8410 flop with two of his suit.

who the fuck gets it all in with a flush draw or top pair queen kicker when there has been raised pots pre-flop?!

fucking madness and it is costing me money as minimum heads-up tables are $50 buy in.

away from poker im having a rare night out for my teams presentation night and then either into Brighton or to a mates BBQ if it goes on late, im really up for it i probably only get to go out once every 2-3 months!!

anyways hope you run better than me

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