Monday, 27 July 2009

Busto and new start

got hammered Saturday night and having got upto $680 i now have $55.

lost a few hundred at various different games and finally sat down at $400nl with my whole roll...i was down to $220 but managed to double up to $440... i really should of quit then but when my K7 hit a Kxx board 3 hands later i found myself being check raised all in. i couldnt find a fold and the bastard had pocket aces.

gonna have a think about what to do with my poker as i have fun but i seem to be putting pressure on myself winning too much, i always seem to want to play higher.

since my decent $2k score i have been stuck in a spin... grind for 4-5 days win a couple of hundred and then play drunk or get tilted and lose $300... grind for 4-5 days then play Omaha headsup and lose your weeks work.

pulled a sickie today as i played in a 6-a-side tourney and my body is aching,its funny how 8 ten minute games hurts so much more than one normal game. by the time we reached the knockout stages my body had given up and we went out 4-2. still im happy with my 3 goals and 4 assists, proof i still got some magic left at football even if my poker has gone to shit.

*edit just been reading a load of poker blogs and see there are plenty of people building bankrolls from the microstakes, this is orignally what i did but i think i made too much money quickly and started playing games i wasnt rolled for.

so hopefully i will be able to deposit $200 to take my bankroll upto $250 and be able to play 10nl, hopefully grining these stakes will give me some discipline. i have removed all reference to profit money figurs from the blog for the time being.

below are 2 excellent charts which detail bankroll management which i have found on slickhooks and deathbylights blog which should be the backbone to my future play

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