Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New Focus

so two really sh1t nights when basically i have lost the plot.... countless times i have said no Omaha... no Heads up... no higher that $50 on the table but again and again i find myself breaking all the rules i set. on the bright side i think if i didnt have this blog i probably would of busted by now as it gets to point where i think shit i better stop!

So as i said i need a new focus... seeing as i managed a 1200 hand session lst night im thinking i may just concentrate on putting a 10k sample at 25nl.... at the moment i have a 5k sample of hands but this is literally every game from 25nl full ring to 800nl heads up.... i want to be able to play a consistent game and see whether i can beat it.

So in fact i am agreed i am going to grind out 10k hands at 25nl and play no other cash

on nights when the mrs is working i will have tourney nights and register for whatever i fancy with a buy-in of less tham $10.

Sounds like a plan?

on a side note i may of lost $130 last night but i earnt 1250 Full tilt points...anyone know what is worth buying with this?

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