Friday, 27 November 2009

Record RPT Pot

wow just finished a quick lunchtime game which ended with the biggest pot in the history of our game.... the hand was between me and Hugh (his nickname BTW) and would be the 3rd big hand between us...

1st hand is hold'em and Hugh raises preflop to 60p and re-raise pot to £2 with 84cc, i decide in my mind to check raise bluff any flop... flop comes down J92ccc flopping me the flush, i change my mind and lead out for £1.50 and get re-raised to £4, i decide to slow play and flat call... turn is a non club 8 so i lead out £3 ad Hugh calls, river is blank and i bet £2 to which Hugh re-raises £10 all in and i of course call, High has ace high no clubs for a bluff, he had correctly read me as being full of shit preflop but couldnt believe i had a monster!!

2nd hand is pretty bad, i 3 bet pot preflop with 94dd flop comes 833 wih two diamonds and i call a big bet, turn is a non diamond 9 at this point there is about £10 in there so when Hugh bets pot i feel i have to stick it in (extra£11) and run into pocket 10s and i dont hit a miracle diamond or 9 to lose a £40ish pot

so at this point we are 1-1 with us both winning a £40 pot..... last hand of the day and it gets raised and re-raised preflop to £2 and i call with AKK3, flop comes beautiful 10JQ with 2 spades, i have no spades an lead out for £3, Hugh calls, turn is 7 of diamonds, i still have the nuts, so bet £6, Hugh calls, river is the 8 of clubs, i have avoided any full house of flush draws... i ponder and bet a healthy £10, Hugh ponders for ages, i start chatting trying to get a call and evetually he re-raises me £20 more!! i pretend to be alarmed and eventually put him all in for his last £14 saying it must be a split pot? he grimaces and flips over QK109 for a lower straight and missed straight flush draw - pot was over £100!!

definitely a bad way to return to work!!

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KnockoffNeil said...

you bunch of sickos lol. These sngs you mention might be good for a smal BR, but whats your idea of small? I only got 10 buy ins but i reckon I can beat these and obv clear the bonus. They seem very volatile though. Been having $20 swings all morning, not good on a $35 roll lol. I'll stick another $50 on later just to feel safe, thanks for the HU on these anyway.