Friday, 19 February 2010

2010 catchup

just wanted to check how how was doing ahead of me meeting a few mates tomorrow as they're always asking how its going, probably as i bump off numerous nights out for poker I guess!

really only wanna go over my No Limit cashplay and rakeback as this is the main focus of my play..Rush Omaha and tourneys are an occasional distraction!

so far i have played 49k hands, over 1k hands a day... cant really argue with this volume, profit is $472 which only works out as 1.5bb 100 and this is quite low i guess so i need to aim for this to be a bit higher, not sure if any other grinders at this level wanna share there win rate with me? i do play a lot of tables which definitely does lower my winrate but i reckon my hourly is ok... cashplay $472 +$228 rakeback divided by 62 hours = $11.60 an hour not a bad winrate for a microstakes player?

i've mad 3 withdrawals this week, was set to make another as was $9 away from $1100 but then got stacked by ace jack when I had kings on a jack high flop - gay

bankroll $1069

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