Sunday, 7 February 2010

Month 2 Week 1 Review

I was planning on playing a session tonight but having watch Arsenal blow another big game i have decided im not in the mood, any kind of bad beat is liable to make me headbutt the cat or similar.

so ive decided to check how ive done this week - looks good, im ahead of the weeks target and a good deal of rakeback to come, i have earnt 100+ full tilt points every day except the day off Monday and look good for Silver Iron Man minimum.

also it seems that im winning the majority of sessions, and a its good to no that a losing session can be recovered quickly.

at the moment ive registered for the $5 FTOPS turbo warmup, 28k runners at the moment, that will be my only poker for tonight, once im done ill play some footie manager and watch terrible tv.

Bankroll $1056 (full figs on side)

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