Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Bad Day

and not a hand of poker played yet... been at work and first off all my mrs rings me to tell me that she has to go to hospital as the baby is giving her pains, turns out the little devil is trying to get out early even though she aint due till May.... hopefully with some drugs she will give up her escape plan.

Then this afternoon the mrs texts me basically saying the Balliffs have written sayong we owe them £1200 and they're coming round tomorrow to get the cash or goods.... little fuckers there hasnt been a court case or anything and basically its just an unpaid council tax bill which we have been paying monthly for. they havent got the right to take anything, luckily my mrs phoned her local MP LOL who has sorted it all out.

Shouldnt really play poker today as in a total bad mood but F it.

bankroll $1045

1 comment:

United113 said...

balliffs can't do anything without a court order.. they're bastards...