Sunday, 28 February 2010

February Review

a real swingy month at the cash tables and at the end of I have achieved my monthly target of $300 but at a real poor winrate, variance has been a bugger and some of the recent session's ive played have been sick, Friday night was the best example, 4600 hands and at one point $190 down before finishing $10 down - my graph tells the story best - win rate is terrible tho!

however one thing im pleased at is my passion for the game is still there, before a loss would tilt me and i'd either blow my bankroll or just avoid the tables full stop, however now im willing to play whenever I can as volume is the key to success - especially when rakeback is a huge chunk of my profit!

onto Feb's figures

NL Cash - $170
Pl Omaha - $95
Online Tourneys - $15
Bonuses - $50
Rakeback - $200

Feb Total - $520

wow looks better with my bonuses and rakeback, think i might play some tourneys and see if i can get that figure up

bankroll $1033

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ROSSI said...

still a good amount to be up at NL$25 and if you could have avoided the swings it could have been much more. nice one. Hope my March will be as good as yr Feb at NL$25.