Tuesday, 2 February 2010

January Review

so the month is over and targets have been smashed, im $1107 up for the month with the aim to be $300 achived easily!

however being realistic, im not gonna be winning at the casino most months as I don't go out, im not gonna be winning online tourneys as i maybe play 10 a month and I certainly wont be having $175 bonuses each month either! taking all these away my cash play and rakeback was +$366 so just above target but the win rate was only 2bb/100 which I think I need to increase.

for the month ahead i have qualified for some free Stoxpoker and Cardrunners training so im gonna have a brush up on my game and really work at improving my win rate, aim for the month will be a small increase to 3bb/100 and 30k hands - i really should get Silver Iron man instead of bronze as theres no excuse to not play for 30 minutes to bang out 50 full tilt points on most days

bankroll $1027, ill be conitnuing to withdraw $100 as an when i reach $1100 - this debt needs to be cleared!

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