Sunday, 14 February 2010

Back on Track

been putting in a bit of volume since Tuesday's mess and Wednesdays day off....about 4.5k hands plus a further 2k hands at my dads factory on Saturday has seen me go from $850 to $1070, my biggest weekly rakeback payment of $58 helped in this matter!! have been running under EV as well and I have found it hard accepting some beats but its soemthing im working on and Im so much better at it than I used to be!

anyways its valentines, im married and kids are off to their aunties so I gotta go.

Hope you're all having summit to do and not playing poker!

Bankroll $1070


United113 said...

hope you had a good night.. i'm single so am on blogger tonight :-(

Daly said...

haha you need to tap up your ex from those pictures!!