Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Oops I did it again

so it only took me a little over a month, the obsession had been growing and with some recent losses I could see what happened coming.

sessions have been getting longer, ill play whether there are distractions or not, ill play with a can or 2 in my hand.

drink and poker has been my ultimate downfall since this blog began. I have decimated bankrolls on numerous times. Last night I had a decent session and stopped $42 up. I played Footie Manager and watched TV, I had a few cans.

I went back on and played poker, initally 16 tabling 10nl where I couldnt lose a lot? I lost $45. I went on heads-up $50. I won the money back. then I lost it and another $50.

I then found someone sitting with $140 on a $2-$2 heads up table - he must be a donk the drink was telling me. he raises my big blind first hand i have Ace 4.... flop comes with an ace, i check raise him all in - he has ace jack.

luckily I quit with a $200 loss overall, $300 down for the week.

I will have to redivert my last withdrawal to the bankroll, winnings for the year are a paltry $70 - 35000 hands and $70 to show for it.

on the plus side i guess im still ahead of my intial schedule as i have had rakeback and a bonus plus tourney wins, i have no added my daily goal achieved and target to go into my figs on the side.

much needed day off today, will transfer my bankroll somewhere safe, something i should of done last night.

Bankroll $850 (after redeposit)

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snyder321 said...

Great job
Started a challenge also (jan 17)
mostly MMT's
But i am getting my butt kicked in a 01/02 NL right now

Keep up the fight