Thursday, 11 February 2010

Back on the Horse but the horse dont like me

played a lunchtime game with my workmates, 3 handed dealers choice and boy did I get raped... first hand I have 8875 and flop comes A82dd, I check raise Mug an extra £6.50 and he tanks and actually says I think you have 88.... he then says I have outs and and calls.... turn is another Ace...great he checks insta quick...fuck i put him on ace 2...river is a black and he bets £6 into £20...I hate calling but he could have AK so i call.he has ace 8. I do brick a £50 pot calling with top two pair and straight draw against trips and then this sick hand happens.

I'm tilting a bit so announce ill raise blind...I raise to 60p, i get reraise to £1.80... i have to look now and spot KQJ7 Double Suited... i reraise another £5 and get called.

now take a look at the flop and the equity... i get it all in as 70% favourite - obviously it comes two low red cards.

on the plus side i did hit a runner runner full house against trips and hit 4 of a kind but these were small pots and i ended up £60ish down - pay day is not till March 20th tho so plenty of time for the sick live variance to calm down

Online variance has been bad as well though... just done a load of hands and ran $60 below EV losing with AA > KK for $50 pot and AA > A10 for a $21 pot...somehow ended up $28 so hopefully be upto $1000 again at some point over the weekend.

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