Wednesday, 4 August 2010

August Begins

I’ve had a Good Start to the month. Didn’t play Sunday as I was hungover from a stag do but I’ve played a couple of short sessions and won $90 at a mixture of Rush and Headsup.

I’ve made an early withdrawal my account needs money to cover birthdays and a few things, bit annoying as my winnings are meant to be paying off my credit card but what can you do if the family bank account has no money in it!!

Have been playing the odd lunctime sess and after a horrible month last month where I paid out nearly £150 I have recovered this month and im £200 up in 3 games, quite astonishing how much trouble we get into with a pot limit game with blinds at 10p/20p!!

Biggest hand of the day was when I had AK10J rainbow, HughDiago who was tilting and losing made a standard raise and I did a very rare 3bet, Hugh and Mug called… flop came K10Q rainbow – nice, Hugh bets I re-raise Hugh calls, turn is 7 and a second club, Hugh bets out and I reraises £18, hugh calls again but folds my blank river bet of £42… turns out he had Q10 with two clubs…

Anyway bankroll is $970ish will post a graph probably tomorrow as I don’t think ive done one since my re-attempt at taking this seriously..

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