Wednesday, 18 August 2010

building back

things got a little mental since the last post on the friday following my last post i had a crazy session, at one point my bankroll dipped below $500 before a mental hand occurred where with both of us mega deep with +$150 i hit a flop of 238hh with king 8 hearts, there was no way i was going anywhere even when all the chips were shoved in the middle, the villain had a mega draw with ace 4 hearts but i held and insta quit to end up even for the day

since then ive had a few small cash sessions and won back $100 only to lose $100 playing today, so many times i put the stack in when my instincts are screaming no, really need to work on folding :-(

only bright spot is tourneys three deep runs but out in the 20-30ish position mean im up about $40, obviously the final table is where it turns sweet so i just need that extra step... to be fair the $3.30 KO with 24 left i put all the chips in with J4 on a J410 flop (i was big blind, limped pre) villain had QQ and hit the queen on the river.

other interesting thing is that ive won about $400 playing on my stake at paddypower, i have taken $150 from my $200 share and padded the bankroll up, in my figures i have put this as a redeposit so my withdrawn figure is now $400 even though its still $580. i want my figures here to reflect the actual full tilt profit.

here as figures table profit has slipped from $600 to $180, a lot of work to do on improving my game.


NLH HU $514.00
NLH FR -$410.00
Rush $75.00
Tourneys -$2.00
Bonus & Rakeback $318.00
Other $34.00
Total $529.00

Bank Roll $899.00

Withdrawn $400.00

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