Monday, 23 August 2010

A Needed Break

following the last post I lost even more money, about $70 before i came second in one of the $3 90 manner KO's i was playing as a relaxation game.....bankroll is now around $760.

so what im doing is not playing tonight, im looking through some hands and reading "treat your poker like a business" which is what i need to do!

when i come back probabaly tomorrow i want to have a plan and some more rules set in my head, i need a clear goal not just jumping on the laptop and playing cos i havent got something to do.

i have around $15 to come in from the syndicate game and ill break my promise and redeposit $100 or so from previous winnings. i want to be back at $1000 for month end ready to resume my withdrawal of winnings plan.

enjoy yourselves if you're playing its back to poker school for me!

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